Ten Easy Steps

To Being A

Great Camper


You're away at camp and you want to make this summer the best ever! How can you be sure you'll have a great summer? By being a great camper! And how do you become a great camper? We spoke to a panel of experts--four people who've been camping since they were five years old, and then went on to become counselors. Here's their list of things to do to make sure you'll be a great camper and have a great summer!


1. Be enthusiastic and excited while at summer camp. You should want to be at camp--and show it.

2. Don't be afraid to try new things. Experiment and explore areas you've never tried before. Don't limit yourself to only those things that you know you're good at. You're at camp to learn and expand your horizons.

3. Try to be well-rounded. Try to do your best in all things. If you're a sports nut, now is your chance to try your hand at arts and crafts.

4. Participate. Don't look for reasons to avoid activities. It's never too hot or too rainy to have fun!

5. Express yourself. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid to say how you're feeling.

6. Be willing to be nice to everyone. Try to get along with others.

7. Be open-minded about others. Make friends with different groups of kids.

8. Don't make fun of other kids. Reach out and include them.

9. Be independent. Learn to do things for yourself. Have confidence in yourself.

10. Be cooperative.














And while you're looking at ways to measure up to your counselors, here are some important things your counselors strive for:


1. Be a big brother or sister.

2. Be mature.

3. Be someone to look up to and work with.

4. Care for and about you.

5. Motivate you.


Contributing counselors--Darren Raymar, Abigail Walsh, Brandon Raymar, and Jill Liebowitz--all feel that their experiences at camp helped prepare them for going to college. They knew how to take care of themselves, be independent, pace themselves, and adapt to different people and situations. When not at camp, Darren is a fourth grade teacher who is working on his doctorate, and Jill, Brandon, and Abby are in college at Rutgers University, Muhlenberg College, and the University of Maryland.

Kids blowing bubbles.