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Display Advertising

Display ads appear in our digital goCamps Summer Camp Directory

and the Summer Camp Jobs eMagazine

All prices are for 4/C or B/W. Contact us at (201) 961-3631 or email to reserve your display ad.

Inside Front Cover: $2,850

Back Cover: $2,650

Inside Back Cover: $2,450

Full Page: $2,000

2/3 Page: $1,650

1/2 Page: $1,250

1/3 Page: $850

PDF files are required for digital magazines. Ads must be reserved by December 1 and must be submitted to our Dropbox by December 15, 2022.

Campership Program

Trade a beautiful display ad that will appear adjacent to your profile in both of our digital eMagazines in return for a camp registration that goCamps will make available at a discount or scholarship to a new camper family in need of assistance.


1. Review our display advertising sizes and rates. Our trade will be based on the ad rate and your registration rate.


2. Contact us at (201) 961-3631 or email and let us know what size ad you’d like to run and we’ll settle the trade details. You’ll receive an email summarizing our agreement.


3. When we have someone who needs help to attend, we’ll make the campership available to them at a steep discount and immediately inform you that the camper’s parents or guardian will be contacting you shortly to complete their registration.


Display Ad Sizes

Full Page.png

Standard, non-bleed page: 7 X 10”

Trim Size: 8 X 10.75”

Bleed Size: 8.25 X 11”

Live area for bleed ads: 7.5 X 10.25”

2_3 Page.png

4.5 X 9.25”

1_2 Page.png

4.5 X 7”

1_3 Page.png

4.5 X 4.5”

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