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30 Reasons Camp Makes Sense

There are lots of articles listing the benefits of attending summer camp accompanied by colorful examples for each. In case you’re short on time, we’re taking a different approach by offering a concise list of 30 reasons camp really makes sense for every child. In many ways, summer camp is unique in that it combines fun, physical activity and mental stimulation in a healthy social environment. It helps kids grow in ways you may not have anticipated.

Campers become more…
  1. Motivated

  2. Confident

  3. Resilient

  4. Flexible

  5. Curious

  6. Social

  7. Active

  8. Appreciative

  9. Creative

  10. Empowered

  11. Skilled

  12. Mature

  13. Engaged

  14. Independent

  15. Playful

They will experience…

16. Nature

17. Less screen-time & social media

18. Teamwork

19. Exercise

20. Friendships

21. Independence

22. Self-improvement

23. Sense of purpose

Their environment will be filled with…

24. Role models

25. Diversity

26. Healthy habits

27. Learning

28. Entertainment

29. Memories

30. Fun

As promised, that was a quick review of the many benefits of attending camp. Now it’s time to start finding the best program for your child. Fortunately, we can help. Visit our iSummerCamps homepage and start your search now. Happy Camping!

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