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15 Questions To Ask Camp Operators

15 Question To Ask Camp Operators

When researching different programs, review these questions with camp operators. You’ll be in a much better position to make an informed decision. Answers will vary somewhat from camp to camp, but matching your expectations and requirements with what you learn will yield excellent results. Before you run through the list, ask if the camp is ACA accredited. If they aren't, ask why. See our blog about accreditation.

1. How would you describe your camp?

2. How do you screen staff?

3. What’s the ratio between campers and staff?

4. What are your safety & security policies?

5. What medical resources are available?

6. What’s your typical daily schedule?

7. How do you help campers with homesickness?

8. What percentage of campers return to camps?

9. What kind of food is served?

10. Can parent’s visit camp? When?

11. How do campers and parents communicate?

12. Are references available?

13. How are discipline problems handled?

14. What’s your policy regarding phones and digital devices?

15. Is tuition assistance available? See Camp Discounts.

You’ll also want to take a few minutes to read our article on Choosing the Right Camp for additional thoughts.


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