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Michael Jordan

Look Who Went To Camp

Cindy Crawford
President Clinton

Have you and your bunkmates ever wondered what happens to kids after their summer camp years have ended? Who knew that a camper named Justin Bieber at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp in Canada would become, well...the famous Justin Bieber! Some grow up to be movie stars, like Natalie Portman, Jonah Hill, Adam Sandler, Andrew Shue, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dumb and Dumber star, Jeff Daniels. Some become Supreme Court Justices, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Others go on to television, like Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown) and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Seinfeld's pal Elaine). Others go to sports camps and grow up to be professional athletes, like Michael Jordan. Some kids are famous even before they go to camp. Take Chelsea Clinton, the President's daughter. Chelsea often went to academic camps. . .just like Cindy Crawford did. Maybe Chelsea went to summer camps because her father, Bill Clinton, enjoyed his summers at camp learning to play the saxophone. But even if the President didn't make it as a musician, remember that Frank Lloyd Wright III (now Tre Cool of Green Day) played drums at camp one summer! But don't stop at campers--take a look around at your counselors. Does a basketball coach look really good? Some people were lucky enough to have Golden State Warrior Bobby Hurley as a counselor. After he stopped being a camper, Chris Farley, the star of Tommy Boy, was a counselor. And the next time you see one of Chevy Chase's movies, keep in mind that when he was a counselor he learned how much great fun a summer camp can be! Mark Zuckerberg went to Island Lake Camp before he started Facebook!











Justin Bieber, singer - Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp

Letita Baldridge, "Miss Manners" - Arcadia Camp

George W. Bush, President of the United States - Camp Longhorn

Bill Clinton, US President - University of Arkansas Music Camp

Chelsea Clinton, President's daughter - US Space Camp, Sea World Camp, Concordia Language Villages

Tre Cool, Green Day drummer - Camp Winnarainbow

Cindy Crawford, model - US Air Force Academy Science Camp

Jeff Daniels, "Dumb and Dumber" star - Bruin Lake Boy Scout Camp

Robert Downey, Jr., actor - Stagedoor Manor

Bob Dylan, folk singer - Herzl Camp

Chris Farley, Tommy Boy star - Timberlane (Wisconsin)

Dustin Hoffman, Oscar-winning actor - Perry-Mansfield School of Theater and Dance

Tom Hulce, Oscar-nominated actor - Interlochen Arts Camp

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls star - Five Star Basketball Camp

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, "Seinfeld" actress - Sidwell Friends Tennis Camp

Conan O'Brien, TV host - Cragged Mountain Farm

Beverly Sills, opera star - Camp Lincoln and Laurel

Charlie Sheen, star of "Hot Shots" and Major League" movies - Mickey Owen Baseball Camp

Helen Slater, actress - Stagedoor Manor

Stephen Sondheim, composer - Camp Androscoggin

Adam Levine - musician, singer, songwriter - French Woods

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