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Summer Camp Discounts




For many new and experienced camper families, discounts can make the difference between participating in a summer program or having to rely on home-based activities after the school year comes to a close. “If we weren’t able to take advantage of sibling discounts, I’m not sure the boys would return to camp this year at all,” noted Mary, who’s two sons attend a camp in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. She adds, “the camp experience has done wonders for the boys’ development, but our family’s economy has really been stretched close to the limit, so early-bird registration and sibling discounts have made camp possible for our family over the last several years.”


How can you take advantage of camp discounts? First, determine which programs are a good fit for your child. After all, that’s the most important consideration when you get down to it. Then review the camp’s website to learn more about the specific discounts they offer. Here are a few of the most common:














1. Early bird discounts: as always, the early bird gets the worm.


2. Sibling discounts: two or more sibling registrations can yield savings.


3. Scholarships: academic prowess, talent and a strong desire to learn can translate into substantial savings at selected programs.


4. Economic hardship discounts: Partial or full financial assistance. Generally, a brief explanation of your current financial situation, why you need financial aid, why you want to come to camp.


5. Last minute discounts: If a camp has a few last minute openings, they might offer a break in the price in some cases. However, you can’t depend on these becoming available. You can’t plan ahead or count on these kinds of opportunities.


6. Duration Discounts: Depending on the number of days or weeks your child will be attending camp, many programs will offer more attractive rates for longer registrations.


7. Prepay tuition discounts: Some camps offer a discount if tuition is paid in full a given amount of time before the final due date.


8. Work Study: If your camper is willing to be responsible for various assigned work, they might be able to enjoy a tuition savings.

Like all opportunities, discounts need to be researched early and thoroughly. As you have seen, you don’t need to be experiencing financial hardships to save money on summer camp tuition. Again, the most important thing to remember is that the early bird gets the worm. For help choosing a camp, read on!

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Summer Camp Discounts
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