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The History and Future of goCamps

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Here’s a brief review of all the ways you can rely on goCamps to find a camp and prepare for a great summer camp experience. With technology advancing at a fast rate, we’re now able to deliver the information we’ve assembled in three different formats: online, print and digital. First a brief review of our history in the summer camp industry.

Back in 1993, while on a vacation at Disney World, Don Frost decided to direct his experience as a magazine publisher to covering the summer camp industry. With two kids and (little did he know at the time) two more later in life, he thought his family and many others needed a comprehensive source of summer camp information. The following year, Don began publishing a guide to summer camps with lots of printed profiles of day and overnight camps throughout the US. The following year, the web started to dominate people’s use and interest, so he responded by rolling out while continuing the annual print version until 2010.

The online presence of goCamps has grown due to great articles, lots of camp profiles featuring lots of images, camp videos and all the information camp families need…and strong, organic search results on Google and other search engines. Of course, all versions of the directory promote the use of goCamps as a brand, which is really exciting. Each format provides opportunities that help us deliver more information to more people in new ways.

Now that we have tools like scannable QR codes to help bridge print and the web, we’re once again planning to print and distribute goCamps Summer Camp Directory in January each year. Adding a unique QR code to every camp profile will allow readers to open a camp’s website with a quick code scan on their phone.

Finally, the digital goCamps Summer Camp Directory is now available on Zinio and OverDrive, leading distributors of eBooks and eMagazines. In fact, OverDrive serves over 75,000 schools and libraries throughout the US and worldwide. They account of over half a billion “check outs” annually.

One thing you can be sure of, when new opportunities introduce themselves, goCamps will be there!

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