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National Computer Camp

National Computer Camp


What we're all about...

National Computer Camp’s educational philosophy reflects its passion about the vital role of computer technology in the education of today’s youth. Furthermore, we understand that a positive self-image is essential for each child’s development and that each camper is unique, with different needs, learning styles and backgrounds. Instruction at NCC is therefore individualized and cooperative, allowing campers to progress at their own pace while also working with peers. Our camper-to-staff ratio is 5 to 1, facilitating individualized attention.
National Computer Camp is America's original computer camp since 1977. Our focus is coding, 2D and 3D video game design, Android App programming, cryptography, web page design, and software applications including networking, animation, Flash and graphics. We offer all levels of programming in Python, Basic, C++, Java, Assembler, HTML, XML, OpenGL and JavaScript. Additional activities offered are Arduino computer electronics and 3D printing.
In the event that due to Covid-19 NCC cannot conduct its residential and day camps, NCC offers once again this year its successful online virtual camp. At the NCC Virtual Online Camp campers enjoy the same well known curriculum, the same effective learning, the same fun software, and the same popular staff as at the NCC traditional camp. While safely at home, campers learn, socialize, have fun, and make new friends. Visit
Scholarships are available - Funds are limited Call 203-710-5771

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National Computer Camp
National Computer Camp
National Computer Camp
National Computer Camp
National Computer Camp

Contact us

National Computer Camps, Inc.

Michael Zabinski, Ph.D.




Our camp address

National Computer Camp

102 Waterbury Ave







Day & Overnight

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Residential and Day




State of Connecticut

What we offer...


Coding, web design, game design, Arduino computers, 3D printing, graphics, animation, Flash, Photoshop, App programming, networking
Programming languages: Python, C++, Java, HTML, Scratch, Open-GL, assembler.
Optional outdoor recreation

Cost & Sessions

Residential Camp: $1050 per week
Day Camp: $795 per week
Virtual Camp: $ 495 per week
For available sessions visit

Camp Q&A

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