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Camp Aponi

Camp Aponi


What we're all about...

Our primary philosophy is to build and maintain a program that connects kids to nature while having lots of fun! Camp Aponi encourages campers to make lasting friendships while learning about the natural world and taking part in a wide and ever growing range of activities and experiences. Our camp culture is all about respect, sharing, self-pride...and fun.

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Camp Aponi
Camp Aponi
Camp Aponi
Camp Aponi
Camp Aponi

Contact us

Camp Aponi, LLC

Joe Smith, Director

201 961-3631



Our camp address

Camp Aponi

15 Aponi Road







Day Overnight/Sleepaway

Age Range:





Bunks & Tents





What we offer...


Baseball, soccer, tennis, western horseback, basketball, crafts, computers, ropes, running, swimming, photography, arts & crafts, horseback, football, travel, rappelling, rafting, archery, gadgets, photography and magic.

Cost & Sessions

Cost ranges from $750 to $900 a week.

Camp Q&A

How do we screen staff?

Every staff member is carefully screened and chosen based on their previous experience working with children and at least three references. As part of the process, staff members complete a detailed training program that requires a supportive attitude, leadership ability, compassion and quick thinking.

Ratio of campers to staff?

The ratio between campers and all staff is approximately 3 to 1. This includes counselors, administrative staff and medical personnel. In terms of counselor to campers, there's one counselor for every 6 campers.

What are our safety & security policies?

Given our unique location and environment, our facilities are closely monitored by our staff, each of whom have been trained to adhere to strict security procedures and policies. No one is admitted to our property at any time unless they have first checked in at our main office. We also employ a professional security guard who assists us in maintaining the highest level of safety and security.

How do we handle disciplinary issues?

What medical resources are available?

A nurse is on staff full time at Camp Aponi and we have access to local medical services and a doctor who is available 24/7 throughout the camp season.

What's our typical daily schedule?

How do we help campers with homesickness?

At the beginning of each camp session, we have a camp wide meeting and discuss several important topics including homesickness. We do our best to understand and support campers experiencing homesickness and encourage them to write letters to family and friends while participating in a variety of fun activities. This generally helps them quite a bit. In some cases, we will contact the camper's family to discuss additional solutions.

What percentage of campers return to camp?

What kind of food is served?

A wide variety of healthy food is available in our daily camp buffet. Everything from cereals and eggs and bacon for breakfast to chicken, mac & cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers and spaghetti and meatloaf dinners. A wide assortment of healthy fruit drinks, vegetables and fruits are also available throughout the day. We also provide the best vegetarian meals around!

Can parents visit camp?

How do campers communicate with parents?

Campers are encouraged to write notes to family and friends daily and we distribute letters from home first thing each morning to help kids have a great, stress free day!

Are references available?

What's our policy regarding phones and digital devices?

Our camp accents nature and having fun it! We don't allow campers to use their phones or other electronic devices. We do allow campers to use our phone and/or computer when the situation is warranted. They can do that at home soon enough!

Is tuition assistance available?

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