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Camp YoliJwa

Camp YoliJwa


What we're all about...

Camp YoliJwa (Youth Living Jesus' Way) has been serving campers of all ages since 1934. Since then, we have grown our program to include 18 different programs that run through the summer months ranging for all ages. YoliJwa is designed to provide an opportunity for children, youth, and adults to share in Christian living. Our Mission is to evangelize, disciple and train within the context of Christian fellowship. Some recreational activities that campers can experience are paintball, horseback riding, boating, archery, climbing tower and zip-line, hiking, obstacle courses, swimming pool, and much more! Youth can choose to stay onsite for our Resident Camping program and utilize the facilities in and around our historic lodge, or they can join a Wilderness camp that spends time onsite in our lakeside cabins as well as travels offsite for other wilderness adventures.

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Camp YoliJwa
Camp YoliJwa
Camp YoliJwa
Camp YoliJwa
Camp YoliJwa

Contact us

Doubling Gap Center

Michael Baker




Our camp address

Camp YoliJwa

1550 Doubling Gap Rd








Age Range:





Dorms, Motels, Cabin




Member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association

What we offer...


paintball, horseback riding, boating, archery, climbing tower and zip-line, hiking, obstacle courses, swimming pool, water slide

Cost & Sessions

*2021 Rates*

Youth/Adult Resident Camp $224
Youth Wilderness Camp $224
4th Grade Mini Camp $160
3rd Grade Weekend $98

Winter Junior Blast Weekend $98
Winter Junior High Breakaway $98
Senior High Bash $56

Camp Q&A

How do we screen staff?

Every staff member submits multiple background checks as well as references from their pastor each year along with their application detailing their testimony and desire to serve at Camp

Ratio of campers to staff?

Approximately 1 staff member to 4 campers

What are our safety & security policies?

How do we handle disciplinary issues?

We address each issue individually through a series of conversations that start first with the child's counselor and then progress through conversations with the weekly directors and then with the directors of the Camp. If need be children can be sent home early if behavior doesn't improve.

What medical resources are available?

Each week, a different nurse will volunteer to spend a week at camp to provide medial attention from our fully equipped nurse's office.

What's our typical daily schedule?

Campers will rotate through a series of morning classes that include Bible, nature, craft, and 1 or 2 other activities. After lunch campers will experience a range of different electives and free time activities. After dinner we have a short evening worship service along with 2 all camp activities that differ week to week.

How do we help campers with homesickness?

As homesickness continues to grow as an issue, we have become more sensitive to each individual's needs. We give our counselors training to help children who are homesick by finding ways to include them in activities and keep their minds focused on the fun and fellowship at camp. If homesickness persists though, we notify the child's parents or guardians quickly and work with them to find the best solution for their child.

What percentage of campers return to camp?

What kind of food is served?

Can parents visit camp?

How do campers communicate with parents?

Are references available?

What's our policy regarding phones and digital devices?

Phones and digital devices are not permitted to be used by campers throughout the week. We desire that campers would use their time at camp to unplug and experience God and the body of Christ away from phones and the internet.

Is tuition assistance available?

Yes, contact the camp if assistance is needed.

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