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Sierra Canyon Day Camp

Sierra Canyon Day Camp


What we're all about...

Since Mick Horwitz and Howard Wang founded Sierra Canyon in 1972, thousands of children in Los Angeles and Ventura counties have experienced the joy and excitement of our summer camp programs. Sierra Canyon is nestled on 17 picturesque acres in the northwestern corner of the San Fernando Valley. Campers experience their summer fun surrounded by majestic shade trees and grassy fields. Our indoor camp activities are enjoyed in spacious air-conditioned facilities. Sierra Canyon's landscape and activities are only rivaled by our expertise with children. The Sierra Canyon Day Camp program has been perfected over the years to meet the diverse interests and capabilities of our campers. We are here to help children create meaningful relationships with other children their own age through enriched, varied, and creative activities. Over the years we have seen children grow immensely in the areas of self-esteem and confidence through their camp experiences. The result is a unique and fulfilling summer that your child will look forward to year after year! Philosophy Our Philosophy has been the same since we opened the doors in 1972. Children enjoy participating in a variety of camp activities, discover new skills, and develop friendships while having fun! We combine the greatest staff with state-of-the-art facilities, lush landscaping, and put safety at the top of the list in all areas. Sierra Canyon Day Camp has created an environment where children always come first!

Sierra Canyon Day Camp
Sierra Canyon Day Camp
Sierra Canyon Day Camp
Sierra Canyon Day Camp
Sierra Canyon Day Camp

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Sierra Canyon Day Camp

Adam Horwitz-Head of Camp





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Sierra Canyon Day Camp

11052 Independence Ave







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