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Netop Summer Camp

Netop Summer Camp


What we're all about...

Netop is a summer camp in Maine where growth comes natural. We're low on pressure and high on confidence. This atmosphere gives kids the space to breathe, be happy and grow. We focus on building a close-knit community and our Four Spokes philosophy for campers who identify as male in grades 3-11.

Featuring platform tents and the rustic Birch Pond, boys experience the joy of nature while creating lifelong memories and friendships. Campers choose among land and water sports, arts & crafts, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Netop’s Four Spokes philosophy encourages boys to be well-rounded in four areas of life (mental, social, physical, and spiritual) both at camp and beyond. The Four Spokes philosophy is not simply a brochure tagline, but something we put into action every day. We encourage campers to stretch, grow and learn. Campers set goals for the coming year and receive a reminder letter from their counselor in January.

As a smaller camp, everyone is known at Netop. With tent groups of 4-5 campers, it doesn’t take long to get to know your tent-mates. There’s a natural openness with the tents that promotes communication and inclusiveness. Our staff are thoroughly trained and prepared to be amazing role models and mentors to our campers. Safety and fun are our two top priorities at Netop! Your campers deserve to be their best selves and learn how to grow into well-rounded and positive individuals. Netop is what your kid needs.

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Netop Summer Camp
Netop Summer Camp
Netop Summer Camp
Netop Summer Camp
Netop Summer Camp

Contact us

Netop Summer Camp

Lisa Thatcher




Our camp address

Netop Summer Camp

12 Netop Rd.








Age Range:

3rd-11th Grade




Platform Tents




American Camp Association

What we offer...


Badminton, Basketball, Baseball, Bouldering, Canoeing, Chess, Conditioning/Fitness, Dungeons & Dragons, Fishing, Kayaking, Leather Craft, Mountain Biking, Origami, Painting, Photography, Sailing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Wood Burning, WoodShop

Cost & Sessions

Full Session (6 weeks) - $7900
Session 1 (3.5 Weeks) - $5500
Session 2 (2.5 Weeks) - $4400

Camp Q&A

How do we screen staff?

Staff applicants fill out an online application and have an in-person or virtual interview. Our interview process lasts about an hour and asks a lot of experience-based questions (tell me a about time when...). We run a background check on all applicants and check references. We then have a week-long staff training at the start of the summer.

Ratio of campers to staff?


What are our safety & security policies?

How do we handle disciplinary issues?

What medical resources are available?

We have 2 nurses on-site at all times to provide medical care for our campers and staff.

What's our typical daily schedule?

7:30 - Reveille/Wake-up/Flag-Raising
8:00 - Breakfast
8:30 - Tent Clean-Up
9:00 - Morning Activity 1
10:00 - Morning Activity 2
11:00 - Morning Activity 3
12:30 - Lunch
1:30 - Rest Hour
2:30 - Afternoon Activities
4:00 - Free Swim/Open Waterfront
5:00 - Free Time
6:00 - Dinner
7:15 - Evening Program

How do we help campers with homesickness?

Missing home is perfectly natural for all campers, any age, to feel. It's a good sign - it means that they have people at home who love them and miss them. Working on missing home starts before camp. Families are encouraged to discuss missing home with their campers before camp. Make sure to tell your camper who proud you are of them for what they are going to accomplish at camp. Maybe do a practice sleepover with some friends to get used to sleeping away from home.

Once at camp, we make sure that campers know that they should talk about how they are feeling with their counselors. Counselors are trained on different ways to listen to their campers and work through the feelings of missing home. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to help campers work through their missing home feelings and to keep them excited about camp.

What percentage of campers return to camp?


What kind of food is served?

Everything! Our food is rated at a 7 or higher on our camper surveys each year. Breakfast has a lot of options - yogurt, fruit, cereal, oatmeal, toast, bagels, and a hot option like eggs or pancakes every morning. Lunch has a main hot option every day like chicken tenders, meatball subs, or grilled cheese as well as deli sandwich platters and a salad bar. We try to change up dinner as much as we can with pasta nights, tacos, stir-fry, and pizza nights. Dinner also has salad bar options each evening too.

Can parents visit camp?

How do campers communicate with parents?

We kick it old-school and write letters home. Campers are encouraged to write at least one letter a week while they are at camp. Parents can send emails to their campers that we print off each day. Technology is not allowed at camp - we focus on in-person connections and staying present while at camp. Parents can call the Director if they have a concern about their camper but we do not allow campers to call home unless it's their birthday.

Are references available?


What's our policy regarding phones and digital devices?

We are unplugged and connected! Technology stays at home while kids are at Netop and we help campers focus on the present, enjoy face-to-face connections with one another, and build relationships.

Is tuition assistance available?


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