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Camp Alonim

Camp Alonim


What we're all about...

Camp Alonim strives to spark a love for Jewish culture, tradition, and community in our campers by exposing them to a multitude of ways to be Jewish. We see every activity we offer as a 'gatewayîóa means by which they might engage with being Jewish. By starting with activities a child already enjoys, we can show them how that activity might be Jewish, thereby making it a gateway to a Jewish connection. For example, a camper who brings their electric guitar to camp will learn to play a Hebrew song. A camper who loves to play basketball will learn about Jewish values such as teamwork, humility, and fair play while they are on the court. Jewish camping has been found to be one of the most effective methods of Jewish education, ensuring a Jewish identity in adulthood. It is so effective because it is a complete immersion experience where Jewish values are lived and modeled by the staff, where the rhythm of the week is anchored by Shabbat, and Jewish culture is brought to life through song, dance, and experiential education. The field of Experiential Education is characterized by creating experiences for the learner rather than asking them to connect with passively-presented material. When our campers learn about the early days of Israeli history, they spend an evening 'sneaking into Palestine.' Our counselors play the British soldiers who in the early 1900s prevented Jews from immigrating. The campers wear all black, they are grouped into 'families,' and they must find a way to get past the counselors, who are 'armed' with squirt guns, and into the Promised Land. In this way, they are experiencing Israel's history, rather than reading or hearing about it. Day program available. Retreats & conferences available.

Camp Alonim
Camp Alonim
Camp Alonim
Camp Alonim
Camp Alonim

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Camp Alonim

15600 Mulholland Dr

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