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Camp Glen Arden

Camp Glen Arden


What we're all about...

Tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina, Camp Glen Arden began as a private overnight summer camp for girls over 70 years ago and has been positively influencing young women since then.

The campus is nestled among the rhododendron and evergreens in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.
We are conveniently located 40 min. from Asheville, NC, 40 min. from Greenville, SC, and 3 hours from Atlanta, GA.

We focus on developing well-rounded, wholesome individuals who, removed from the distractions of technology and social media, encourage one another in learning new life skills and developing meaningful friendships.

Glen Arden’s sessions serve girls from 1st through 11th grades, and we offer 2, 3, & 4 week options.

We believe time invested at Glen Arden builds well-rounded, independent individuals. Glen Arden embraces the responsibility and opportunity of helping campers develop spiritually-inspired, noble, and well-lived lives.

We teach each camper to appreciate the things in life that have enduring value – the beauty of nature, the value of health and physical strength, the fellowship of true friends and the intrinsic worth of sound ideas and strong character.

We succeed in our purpose by enabling campers to become emotionally, physically and spiritually strong so they can meet the needs of this rapidly changing world.

As Glen Arden girls grow up and beyond, we trust the memories of camp will go with them wherever they may go.

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Camp Glen Arden
Camp Glen Arden
Camp Glen Arden
Camp Glen Arden
Camp Glen Arden

Contact us

Camp Glen Arden

Tricia Young




Our camp address

Camp Glen Arden

1261 Cabin Creek Road








Age Range:



All Girls






What we offer...


Archery, Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Backpacking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Dancing, Fitness, Glee, Gymnastics, Hiking, English Horseback Riding, Lacrosse, Performing Arts, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering, Ceramics/Pottery, Riflery, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Ukulele, Volleyball, Weaving, Woodcarving

Cost & Sessions

Two Week Sessions: $4625.00
June 9 - June 21
June 30 - July 12
July 28- August 9

Three Week Session: $6175.00
June 9 - June 28

Four Week Session: $7650.00
June 30 - July 26

Camp Q&A

How do we screen staff?

Ratio of campers to staff?

What are our safety & security policies?

How do we handle disciplinary issues?

What medical resources are available?

What's our typical daily schedule?

How do we help campers with homesickness?

What percentage of campers return to camp?

What kind of food is served?

Can parents visit camp?

How do campers communicate with parents?

Are references available?

What's our policy regarding phones and digital devices?

Is tuition assistance available?

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