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Camp Micah

Camp Micah

What we're all about...

What sets Micah apart from other camps isn’t our Ninja Warrior Course or heated pool, it’s our community. How we treat each other at camp is paramount to Camp Micah’s mission.

We have the best of both worlds at Micah. It’s hard to find a camp that has high quality activities, experienced staff, a beautiful setting, and great facilities while at the same time having a strong culture and community built upon a philosophy that everyone in the camp knows and lives by:

“The most important thing is to be a fair and honest person who is compassionate to and accepting of others while being who you are and trying to better yourself. Camp Micah provides a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages campers to step out of their comfort zones, form strong relationships, and develop a wide array of skills, all with the support of our knowledgeable and caring staff.”

Founded in 2001, Camp Micah is a traditional, Jewish, co-ed, overnight summer camp for campers ages 7-17. We are situated on a secluded lake in Bridgton, Maine. We have modern facilities, offer almost every activity, but most importantly we have a caring, nurturing community that both campers and staff return to summer after summer.

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Camp Micah
Camp Micah
Camp Micah
Camp Micah
Camp Micah

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Camp Micah

Mark Lipof



Our camp address

Camp Micah

156 Moose Cove Lodge Rd








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ACA Accredited

What we offer...


Waterfront, pool,team sports, individual sports, creative arts, ropes course, Ninja Warrior, performing arts, music, photography, hiking and more!

Cost & Sessions

Full Season (June 23rd – August 11th) $13,600

First Session (June 23rd – July 17th) $8,200

Second Session (July 19th – August 11th) $8,200

2-Week Taste of Micah (June 23rd – July 7th) $5,300

Camp Q&A

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Ratio of campers to staff?

What are our safety & security policies?

How do we handle disciplinary issues?

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How do we help campers with homesickness?

What percentage of campers return to camp?

What kind of food is served?

Can parents visit camp?

How do campers communicate with parents?

Are references available?

What's our policy regarding phones and digital devices?

Is tuition assistance available?