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Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts

Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts


What we're all about...

Harand Camp, established in 1955, is a unique experience for all who attend. It is our goal for everyone to live and work together in an atmosphere of acceptance and diversity while developing skills in the performing arts and enjoying regular camp life. We want our campers to gain self-esteem and confidence, achieved through our non-competitive environment. Our philosophy is conveyed by our camp song and motto, "No man is an Island." Camp to staff ratio is typically 4:1. We offer 1, 3 and 6 week programs. Our 1 week session offers a "taste of Harand", designed for children not used to being away from home for an extended time. They experience a workshop performance while at the end of the 1st three week period, they perform in a Musical Tribute or Pageant for all of their families. The end of the final session, the various age groups will perform shows of their own, ranging from The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Mary Poppins to Thirteen, Kiss me Kate or West Side Story, to name just a few. Our campers come from around the US and the world and our Alumni list includes people in and out of the Arts in all areas. Call us for more information at 847-864-1500 or log onto our website at

Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts
Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts
Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts
Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts
Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts

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Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts

1569 Sherman Ave Ste 201A







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