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Summer Camp Previews
Wellspring Florida - Florida
Wellspring Camps is the nation's leading provider of fitness and weight loss camps for children, teens, and young adults. Our scientific program provides a sustainable solution for struggles with weight management. We transform our campers by empowering them with the tools they need to improve their eating habits, become more physically active, and build their self esteem---which all lead to long-term health and success.
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Longacre Camp - Pennsylvania
DISCOUNTS: Early bird discounts before Apr. 15th! —— PROGRAMS: We offer two programs: a leadership camp for teens (ages 12-18), and a minicamp for children and tweens (ages 8-12). —— LONGACRE WAS A TRUE HAVEN FOR ME ... "Longacre was a true haven for me. Growing up in Los Angeles as a teenager, I got so wrapped up in the day-to-day drama and relentless schedule of high school life that I rarely had time to focus on personal growth and development … or just having fun! Longacre afforded me the opportunity to learn how to develop deep and meaningful connections with my peers and how to slow down and find fun in the simple activities of day-to-day life." —— MISSION: To offer both campers and employees a growth experience, with a focus on communication. —— VALUES: Our five core values are self-awareness, loyalty, independence, inclusiveness and hardworking. —— CAMPERS CHOOSE ACTIVITIES EVERY DAY: Discover life outside. We like to build, explore, work, play, rest, care and create. Your child will choose their activities every day, and get to do more of what they love. —— DEVELOPING NEW SKILLS AND INDEPENDENCE: We make our campers a deal: "If you take some responsibility, we'll give you some independence." Campers who like that deal do well at Longacre. They are making decisions, making mistakes (it's ok), and developing new skills as they go. They are being inclusive of others, receiving feedback from their friends, and reflecting on their growth experience. —— LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY: Our leadership philosophy has four pillars: decision-making, responsibility, passion and direct communication. Each pillar has a specific programmatic application. For example, re: responsibility, we have no cooks or maintenance staff, and everyone pitches in to make sure the trains run on time. —— ACCREDITATION: The safety of your child is our #1 priority. Longacre Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association, meaning we meet 300 standards of health and safety. —— PASSIONATE, FUN-LOVING STAFF: We look for staff who are passionate about what they do. Passion is the key. If staff are passionate about creating (or exploring, or playing, or building) then campers will feed off of it. We've seen it time and time again: with a garden-novice, kids are bored and hot; but with a garden-lover, kids are asking questions, digging in the dirt, goofing around, spraying each other with hoses, filling their baskets, and eating vegetables raw. That's experiential education. —— INTERNATIONAL DIVERSITY: 15% of our campers come from other countries. Our goal is to reach 25% by 2018. Last year we welcomed kids from Turkey, Ukraine, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Diversity makes for a vibrant community. Plus, exposure to different cultures early on has a lasting impact.
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Taft Summer School - Connecticut
Yes, learning and summer fun can coexist! Whether the goal is to test drive private school options, get a jump start on a math class, review a science course, practice a foreign language, or explore topics ranging from photography to international affairs, there is bound to be something exciting and relevant in our course catalog. Arts, athletics, weekend trips, as well as a varied schedule of extracurricular activities round out the experience. Course offerings include: Literature & Composition, Creative Writing, Journalism, Public Speaking, French, Spanish, Latin, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Biology, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, 20th Century American History, Research Paper, Current Events, International Affairs, Study Skills and Time Management, SAT and SSAT Preparation, Studio Art, Pottery, Photography, Acting, Video Production, and competitive Golf program. Testimonials "From my teacher picking me up at the airport, to baking brownies with me on Wednesdays, to the guidance and support, everyone has been so encouraging and supportive and the memories I have made will last me a lifetime. - Tanya" "The daily life at Taft was incredible. Every minute was filled with learning and excitement. I worked really hard, but played hard, too. - Jonathan"
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SOAR - North Carolina
With over 40 years experience, SOAR provides adventure programs developed for youth diagnosed with learning disabilities and or ADHD. Emphasis is placed on developing self-esteem, life skills, organization, and positive social skills. Our adventure programs include backpacking, horse packing, llama treks, surfing, rock climbing, white water rafting, SCUBA, and much more! We are also proud to offer a Postgraduate experience for young adults ages 18 - 25. Activities vary by location and course sites include NC, WY, FL, CA, NY, Costa Rica, Belize and the Caribbean. SOAR offers low student to staff ratio. Please contact our admissions office today to learn about our unique programs for youth with learning disabilities and ADHD.
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